Women of Ukraine from Kharkiv

I can call myself a personality. I’m sociable, friendly, broad-minded and able to self-improve.

I’m also sincere and kind with close people. I’m artistic and with the man I like I can be a sexy kitten or a tender and caring woman. I love children and want to have then some when in future. I’m intelligent and witty and can create a good and pleasant conversation. I’m interested in psychology, practical philosophy and psychological characteristics of signs of the zodiac. It seems exciting for me to be able to characterize people according to their behavior, year of birth and other factors. I’m fond of sports, I go in for aikido a little, visit sports club and play football when I have a happy mood. I like helping people so I volunteer in public organizations. I love learning everything new and at the moment I learn English.

I hope soon I’ll be able to speak it fluently. I enjoy music and learn to play the guitar. I’m also very cheerful and like to surround myself with things that can uplift my or someone else’s spirits. Thats why I collect postcards with funny pictures or titles. The man of my dream is romantic, kind, attentive, sincere in his behavior. He’s supposed to have a great sense of humor. I have to be sure that I can rely on him in any situation because he’s independent, caring and understanding. He is believed to have a wide area of thought and be ready to communicate about everything in the world.