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I hope that you are searching for me in this boundless world of people we meet every day. Life is beautiful and amazing! Despite its ups and downs, I still believe that we have been created to be happy and our meeting will change everything for the better in our life despite what we had in the past! Let me tell you a few words about myself. I live in a wonderful sunny city at the Black Sea, in Odessa. I love my city very much and it’s here that my character has formed, warmed by the rays of the southern sun and washed and strengthened by the sea element. I can be different like weather depending on my mood, and if you like variety in life – I am what you are searching for! But it doesn’t mean that I am not serious or not loyal. On the contrary, I always treat seriously everything concerned with people, feelings and responsibility. I prefer being extremely frank and sincere, I am open and friendly and I enjoy communicating with different people, going to see someone and receiving guests at my home, too. But sometimes I appreciate time when I am alone. I am a merry person, I like humour and everything which is not connected with rudeness or aggression. I don’t like withdrawn, petulant, touchy and evil people. I try to avoid communication with suchlike people. I like leading the healthy way of life, I do not drink (only on special occasions), do not smoke and do not use drugs. I like sports (swimming, running, fitness), walking outdoors, going to the beach and to the forest, playing volleyball and ping-pong. I like traveling, I have been to Europe, Asia, Australia and of course to Canada and the USA. I still have many friends there. I do appreciate sincere relations in a family. For me it is very important to love and to be loved. Family for me is the most important thing in life. I can’t be happy with no family. It’s just necessary for me to give someone my warmth, tenderness and love. I am caring, tender and devoted to the people I love. And of course, I also need love, understanding, warmth and care myself. I am a wonderful friend, a wife and a lover in one person. I want to create a friendly strong family to trust each other completely, no matter what would happen in life, to respect and understand each other and our mistakes and drawbacks. I hope that you are 36-50 years old, kind, caring, responsible man who can become a loving husband for me and a father for my daughter. You are a serious, stable, well-to-do person. You are not aggressive, able to find a compromise, smart and educated. Of course I’d like you to be loyal, generous, humorous, easy-going, not lazy, active and merry! You are surely Christian, with interests similar to mine. I will be only glad if you like animals. You should not have bad habits. The colour of your eyes and hair and Zodiac sign do not matter.

I am getting stubborn when I have a goal. I will achieve it necessarily. I am sociable and I have good sense of humor. I like studying languages. I enjoy sport. I did track and field athletics professionally. (I have been doing it for 7 years) At the present I do not do it anymore. I play volleyball when I have some free time. I do not like reading. (I know it is bad) I adore traveling. I enjoy adventures. I would like to meet a tall man with athletic build. I like men who are older me. I want him to be a handsome and resolute person.

I have a kind and merry character. I am sensitive, sociable person. I can easily find common language with people, communication is joy for me, through it I learn much new and interesting. I adore sea, sun, nature – my daughter and I we love to have long walks, listening to birds’ songs and sound of forest. I think it’s a best method to have rest, to relax and to get a lot of pleasure. Sometimes with no less pleasure I like to go to a cinema with my friends and just have fun together. I always try to fill life with pleasant things and good emotions. I want to meet a kind, merry, responsible man. It’s important for me to be next to an interesting, inquisitive, open-hearted man who can support good conversation. I value decency and love for children very much.