Meet Ukrainian women from Kiev

Im a very outgoing lady and I enjoy noisy crews of my friends. I like dreaming and can create great pictures in my fantasies!

I adore kids and babies and dream to have them when I find my soul mate and marry. I love surprises and small thunder-caps and I enjoy spontaneity and do everything on the spot. And sometimes I decide to think over the matter and do it very carefully and scrupulously. I can t live without reading. I adore love novels as romance is never excessive in our everyday life full of hustle and stress. I find nature a paradise where we can escape and relax. I love the spring as everything blooms and the nature awakens and the new life starts!

I value my friends greatly and appreciate every moment spent in their company, and it doesn t matter if we stay at home chatting, go to the club or cafe or drive to the country for a picnic. I like cooking and if a have a special mood I can create real masterpieces! The man I could fall in love with is funny to be around, but with a touch of romance in his character. If he s able to achieve any goal he s put up in front of himself and is never down about the failures he s the personality that can attract me! Kindness and tenderness are also very important in men for me!